Tazah Black Honey
Tazah Black Honey
Tazah Black Honey

Tazah Black Honey

700 g
  • Tazah Premium Quality Natural Egyptian Molasses or Black Honey
  • 700 Grams ~ 25 Ounce ~ 1.56 Pounds of Pure Cane Molasses
  • Product of Egypt made from Natural Cane Sugar & Imported
  • Used in traditional Deserts and a Sweetener Similar to Blackstrap Molasses
  • No Need to Refrigirate after Opening
  • Known in Egypt as 'black honey', molasses is extracted from sugar cane, which grows well in Egypt's hot summers.
    Traditionally kept for relatively long periods in earthenware jars known as ballas it does not need refrigeration.
    Molasses is used to sweeten some dessert dishes and jam-like preserves.
    It is also used as a snack dip and dessert

Egyptian Molasses 


عسل اسود


Tazah Black Honey

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