Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur
Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur
Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur

Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur

1000 g
  • Bulgur extra grueso, que es más grande que el bulgor grueso, parece una mitad de grano de trigo.
  • Este bulgur se puede utilizar en sopas y relleno como un sustituto del arroz.
  • Tipo de comidas se puede utilizar en: sopas, Pilafs, ensaladas, postres

  • Bulgur is a tasty and healthy precooked food product that is produced from wheat and water and contains no artificial colors or flavors.

    Many people enjoy bulgur in the Tabouleeh dish, as well as a healthy alternative to rice and pasta.


    Our company owes its difference in bulgur to the care shown in the production and selection of wheat, the taste obtained as a result of the cracking of wheat in mills, the advanced technology used and the production that is carried out in full automation without use no additives.

    The taste of Bulgur by the Millstones

    The Karaman bulgur produced in our facilities is cracked in traditional mills that help protect its true taste and flavor. Duru Bulgur uses a unique drying process involving state-of-the-art ventilation towers rather than traditional drying methods to ensure a superior product.

    Quality in Wheat Production and Selection

    Our company reflects its diligence on the concept of quality to farmers who grow wheat and continuously supports farmers in growing quality wheat and pays higher prices for quality wheat. As a result Duru Bulgur is the first company to receive the "HACCP Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate" for cracked wheat in Turkey.

    Production technology and facilities

    The Duru Bulgur production plant uses the most developed technology in the production of cracked wheat in Turkey

    Complete automation without additives

    No additives and colorants are used in production. This allows the bulgur to protect its color and remain natural.

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Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur

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